Moscow is blaming U.S. and Poland for the situation in Ukraine

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The Kremlin is trying to cover up its own aggressive policies by blaming NATO states, particularly Poland and the U.S., for the escalation in Ukraine, writes the spokesperson of the Polish minister-special services coordinator, Stanisław Żaryn. In his “Covering up aggression. The Russian campaign surrounding Ukraine” analysis posted on a government site, Żaryn states that “Russian propaganda has strengthened its efforts meant to cover up the Kremlin’s aggressive stance toward Ukraine.”

Russia is conducting a multipronged disinformation campaign meant to hide the Kremlin’s decisions that led to a rise in tensions in Eastern Ukraine. “Since early April, Russian propagandists have been publishing texts meant to convince people that Ukraine and NATO are preparing for a war with Russia. Among others, The Defender Europe 2021 exercise would be an opportunity to start actions against Russia,” writes Żaryn.

In other Russian propaganda texts, Ukraine is accused of conducting air raids in which a child was killed — making Ukraine out to be the aggressor threatening European peace. Propaganda pieces by Russian media prove that Russia is accusing Ukraine of breaking the 2014 Minsk Protocol. “The texts present the Russian rebels from Donetsk and Lugansk as the legitimate authorities and partners for talks for Kiev,” pointed out the spokesman.

Russia is masking its aggressive actions by claiming that it has never threatened any other country and is not aggressive toward Ukraine. Moreover, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has joined the message and is trying to convince listeners that peace in Eastern Ukraine depends on Ukraine itself.

Other publications accuse Kiev of not controlling its own armies in Donetsk, while the United States, Poland, Ukraine and other Western countries are accused of provocations. The most important representatives of the Kremlin have joined in on the attacks against the West. This includes the Russian president’s press spokesman, Dimitry Peskov, and the foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova.

“Zakharova, in particular, attacked the U.S. for ‘interfering in Ukraine’s affairs in 2014’ and lied about the annexation of Crimea by stating that the peninsula’s inhabitants decided to join Russia through a referendum,” Żaryn said.

Stanisław Żaryn pointed to other publications as well, including a portal focused on an information campaign against Poland. The portal wrote that “Poland is ‘facilitating’ escalation by delivering weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.”

“Russian media are also spreading disinformation concerning the presence of Polish soldiers in Ukraine, suggesting that they will be carrying out actions meant to provoke conflict. In other publications, Poland is accused of counting on Ukraine’s collapse and the return of part of its lands to Poland,” Żaryn informed.

The spokesman concluded that Russia is conducting a multipronged propaganda campaign meant to cover up the Kremlin’s aggressive policy and disinform audiences about Moscow’s actions.

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