Opinion: When it comes to the climate strike, be careful what you wish for

After all, every change should start with yourself.

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Michał Karnowski

The pressure to introduce a “pedocracy” or a “rule of the youth” is growing.

The latest form of this movement is represented through the climate strike. The youth has put forward a radical ideology designed to completely reconfigure the social order, which will be enforced with constant surveillance by the most powerful governments and people in the world in a sort of modern-day Komsomol, otherwise known as the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League.

The symbol of this movement is the upraised fist, a gesture which even left-wing journalist are calling “the most disgusting symbol invented by humanity.” All of this to fight to protect the climate and push back global warming.

The issue is that the current generation is the one which is consuming the most plastic, producing the most trash and which respects material goods the least in human history. The more resources they use, the more they assault the rest of society with attempts to instigate moral panic.

Instead of fighting this radical youth movement, we should radically propose to fulfill their slogans, but make sure they are first in line. If they want a revolutionary government, they should start the revolution among themselves.

Here are just a few examples of what this youth movement should embrace if they are truly serious about climate change and the environment:

  • Forbid the sale of plastic toys, most of which are just thrown away after a few months.
  • Forbid the sale of soda and other fizzy drinks, most of which are bottled in plastic and unhealthy.
  • Limit the ability of minors to travel apart from language education purposes and sport.
  • End weird and scented pens, hair dying and shops with clothes for teens.
  • Forbid the sale of food and coffee for take-out.
  • No fast food from mass-production farms and put an end to all processed food.
  • Shaving only using razors.
  • No more soda and popcorn at the cinema, just tap water.
  • No more central heating in schools and rooms, which often requires coal, and only blankets instead.
  • An end to the gaming, streaming and computer industry, which requires enormous amounts of energy to deliver data around the world.
  • New phone models every five years, not every few months like it is now.
  • No more single-use diapers, wet tissues and an end to all cosmetics.
  • A ban on applying for driving licenses as there are already too many drivers and cars.

There are hundreds of situations in which the radical postulates of teenagers can be applied to themselves.

I am convinced, that even the opposition in the Polish Senate would support that program. If so many teenagers want to be Greta Thunberg, let’s let them. After all, every change should start with yourself.

And the rest of society can promise: if the experiment works out, after a year we can talk about what will come next.


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