PM Morawiecki buys time for Poland to develop nuclear capacity: opinion

Poland needs nuclear power to generate energy at a reasonable price

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Jacek Karnowski

When Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki managed to exempt Poland from the 2050 carbon neutrality goal proposed by the European Commission, he bought the country time to develop its nuclear power capacity.

The Polish Prime Minister convinced other EU leaders in Brussels that Poland should be exempt from carbon neutrality goals set to be reached by 2050, a goal that the rest of the EU has set itself. While Poland has temporarily saved itself from the Greta Thunbergs of the world, there is no doubt that the country will face more pressure to adjust its stance in the future.

That is because the fight against global warming has more to do with ideology than common sense. It is an ideology derived from Marxist roots. Just read the latest manifesto produced by Greta Thunberg who admits that it is not about reducing CO2 emissions, but a radical overhaul of the way society is organized.

French President Emmanuel Macron has already indicated that Poland will be a convenient scapegoat to blame for lack of progress. He and others like him will point at Poland as the guilty party and encourage Thunberg and her clones to attack tthe country and its government.

This is why there can be only one answer to this campaign against Poland: atomic energy.

But Poland’s nuclear energy program must feature several nuclear power plants rather than just one. Without this much-needed power from an energy source that produces no emissions, Poland’s economy could run into trouble.

That is why it is worth borrowing money to realize this goal and also worth building a political consensus around the subject.

Politically, geopolitically, financially, and socially, accepting and implementing nuclear energy presents a considerable challenge, but we have little choice. We have to defend coal, but also have to understand that its time is up.

The reality is that without coal and nuclear power, we will not be able to generate energy at a reasonable price. Wind power and solar power can only be additions to the energy mix, they cannot serve as the primary source of our energy.

Poland still has no nuclear power plants. The government has announced a nuclear power building program, but the locations and financing for such construction remain a work in progress.

Atomic power development is one of the subjects of energy cooperation between the U.S. and Poland that has placed Poland in a better position to create its own energy sources, and enabled the country to announce that it will not be buying any more gas from Russia after the current supplies contract terminates.

That is why nuclear power will be vital to the future of Poland’s economic and geopolitical position, and despite the exemption Poland won in Brussels, the fight for energy independence is far from over.


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