Opinion: Poland and Germany are making a mistake by not working together

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After over a dozen years in power, Angela Merkel seems to be an irreplaceable politician on the German political scene. The German presidency in the EU will most likely be an excuse for many articles to claim that without the Chancellor, Europe will not be able to leave the crisis.

I’m unsure whether such a situation is a sign of healthy political relations currently existing in the EU, but it most definitely means that Germany is still seen as a key country concerning the future of the union. Solutions without problems do not exist, however, and the same goes for German EU leadership.

Despite its greatest economic potential, modern Germany is plagued with a series of internal restrictions and politically, socially and civilzationally important consequences which affect its relations with other European states.

Including Poland.

For Poland, Germany is its most important European partner due to at least two factors: the economy and geopolitics. Of course, we are very pleased with our flourishing trade. But it is no secret, that beneath the good trading, there is a long-lasting conflict over how to change the conditions of economic cooperation for it to become more symmetrical.