Opinion: Poland cannot leave the EU while stuck between Germany and Russia

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The largest political group in the European Parliament belongs to a faction that calls itself Christian Democrats with former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk serving at its head. In addition, the European Parliament is also dominated by the socialists and liberals. This political body claims to represent the rights of minorities and to listen to the voices of the weak, when in reality, it completely strips minorities in the European Parliament of their voice.

This takes place under the slogan from the well-known Bolshevik interpretation of the Enlightenment, bestowed on that period by Voltaire himself: “There is no freedom for the enemies of freedom.”

If anyone else thinks differently than what the ideological revolution in Brussels demands, then they have no right to speak.

The European Union is suffering from issues which are similar to those of the Belarusian president in a way — it has very weak democratic legitimacy for its revolution. Undoubtedly, the issue of fighting for rights for the 56th or 57th gender is not high on the list of priorities and needs of European societies, and therefore, it is not a program which stems from the will of those societies. This is an attempt to carry out a revolution from above in spite of the fundamental rules which brought life to the EU in the first place. Laws are being broken, the rule of democracy is being broken and so are the rules of common sense which are necessary to fight this ideological madness spewing from the center of the revolution: the European Parliament.

The call for the European Commission to immediately introduce an illegal procedure to condition EU fund payments with ideological correctness is an expression of ideological fury. The reason for this move was even officially provided by those opposed to Poland’s government and had to do with Poland appealing to the European Court of Justice, the EU’s top court, for it to rule whether this demand to associate economic aid with ideology is legal or not. This request only led to the revolution accelerating, as it turns out that the emperor of democracy has no clothes.