PM Babis and Czech entrepreneurs head to Asia

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, accompanied by Industry and Trade Minister Marta Novakova and representatives of 42 companies, will pay a week-long visit to Singapore, Thailand and India aimed to help diversify Czech exports.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Babis will be accompanied by companies from the defense and energy industries, manufacturers of medical devices, aviation engineers, engineering firms, as well as manufacturers of luxury glass, financial companies and e-commerce representatives.

He will meet with Prime Ministers of all three visited countries, in Bangkok the entrepreneurs will accompany PM Babiš and Marta Novakova to a meeting with the Thai Defense Minister, and during the visit, the launch of the direct Bangkok-Prague air service will be announced. In India, Babis will attend the Vibrant Gujarat Summit Economic Forum, one of whose partners this year is the Czech Republic.

“It is very important that we do not have 85 percent of all exports to the European Union but have a clear strategy in Asia and Africa. It is a great opportunity for our companies,” said Babis, who has long been promoting greater economic diplomacy and helping the interests of Czech companies abroad. This year, the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic plans to organize at least another 11 business missions.

Czech companies export goods worth CZK 15 billion per year to India with the largest share being delivered to the automotive industry. Export to Singapore has increased from two to seven billion crowns per year over the last eight years. The most required are Czech electronic components and devices, systems for automation of production and measuring instruments. Export to Thailand is dominated by energetic devices, automotive components, and artificial food rags, which reach 4 billion crowns per year.


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