Poland to have fully independent gas supply by 2022, claims minister

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“American companies have Washington’s support and want to be in Poland. If both parties see a way, then it is easy to reach a settlement,” minister Naimski said in an interview for TVP. He underlined that signing another gas deal with the US is a step for Poland toward obtaining the best gas prices.

Naimski said that PGNiG is creating a portfolio of long-term contracts. This is a solid strategy which has given Poland another deal with an American supplier. “It is in line with what we are doing in Poland in terms of developing infrastructure,” Naimski said.

“The PGNiG company, which belongs to Gaz-System has announced an auction in search of a contractor for the project,” announced Naimski and claimed that the first part of the project will be completed in 2021 and the other, in 2023. 

All of these projects completed in 2022 will give us gas delivery independence

“This is connected with the construction of the pipeline in Norway [Baltic Pipe]. All of these projects completed in 2022 will give us gas delivery independence. This is a strategy we are realizing together: the government, PGNiG, Gaz-System and our good cooperators, the gas suppliers.”

“I can say with certainty, that the prices of gas for Polish recipients will be competitive on the market,” the plenipotentiary said and gave the example of healthy competition within Poland. “We will have competition in Poland between supply of LNG gas and gas from the Baltic Pipe. This gas from both measures will compete with one another in one system,” he said.

Naimski claimed that this will ensure Poland receives the best possible price for gas.

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