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Energy sovereignty is the basis of Poland’s security, says former Polish energy minister

The completion of the Baltic Pipe is a success for Poland and for the politicians who actually backed it, and will enable Poland to free itself from Russian blackmail surrounding gas energy, said the country’s former energy minister, Piotr Naimski. Naimski was the minister for strategic energy infrastructure in the current government from 2015 until […]
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Diversification gas LNG Piotr Naimski Poland Commentary
5 YEARS AGODiversification gas LNG Piotr Naimski Poland Commentary

Poland to have fully independent gas supply by 2022, claims minister

Poland will have independent gas supply by 2022, claims the government plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure Piotr Naimski. He explained that Poland’s recent 20-year gas deal with the United States is part of a strategy of creating a portfolio of long-term contracts.

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