US sanctions give hope of blocking Russia-backed Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, says Polish minister

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The United States sanctions on the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline construction have given the Polish government hope that the project may be blocked, according to Piotr Naimski, Poland’s energy networks minister.

During an interview on public Polish Radio 24, Naimski said that it is in the interest of Europe and Poland for the pipeline project to be stopped. Poland sees this investment as being contrary to European and Transatlantic solidarity.

“There is a chance that the construction of this German-Russian gas pipeline underneath the Baltic Sea will be blocked. U.S. sanctions have proved effective because they are aimed against specific firms that were or which wanted to participate in the project. The present sanctions initiative in the U.S. Congress was a cross-party matter which tightens the sanctions. If this proves successful, the project will be delayed still further,” explained Naimski.

The minister argued that the pipeline is a key part of Russian foreign policy.

“It is obvious that Gazprom is a tool of Russian foreign policy. But not only Gazprom, they have their people, media and lobbyists. I will say only that it might have been a good idea for Warsaw University to reflect on whether it was worth accepting scholarship funds from Gazprom,” he said.