Poles love their police: opinion

By admin
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One has to admit that the Polish opposition has fulfilled one of its main promises from 2016, which was that they will be in the “total opposition”. And their continued attacks on the police only prove it.

Since 2016, Poland changed, elections followed elections, and the opposition stubbornly continued with its cause of total opposition despite the rapidly changing situation.

The opposition canceled out everything that the Law and Justice party (PiS) touched. It attacked all state institutions and any attempt to change them. In their total blindness, they flailed wildly at just about anyone if meant it could burden the government. It is no surprise that they missed on every count.

That is what happened and still does happen with the opposition’s attacks on the police. Poland’s police force is one of those state institutions which best shows how baseless these attacks are. Moreover, the opposition’s aggressive attacks on the police do not coincide the opinions of Poles.