Polish opposition is doing Moscow’s bidding in hack attack

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Using social media and the speaker’s podium in the Polish Parliament, Poland’s main opposition is ready to aid and abet Moscow in its well-prepared intrigues.

Over in Russia, they know our political scene only too well and must have known how Polish opposition politicians would react to any major cyberattack. Instead of worrying about national security, they would seize an opportunity to pursue their own political interests.

The attack comes despite the fact that no minister has been shown to have used his private emails to transmit sensitive security materials. All they did was to exchange view on issues such as whether or not to use the military should demonstrations get out of hand.

Attempting to argue that using private emails accounts is a cause for a minister’s resignation is absurd.

It is all the more absurd given the record of the main liberal opposition when in office. These are the same people that allowed themselves to be taped by a bunch of waiters talking totally off guard on state matters in restaurants all over Warsaw, and they suffered politically for it. So much for their track record on security, as they continue to trust WhatsApp and Signal as secure means of communication until this very day.

Russia does not fight every war with tanks or rockets. Sometimes it uses suitcases full of money to pay off Western politicians. Sometimes it reaches for troll farms and at other times it uses hackers — not necessarily to take major actions like stop a power plant or to gain information about our military capabilities. And other times it’s enough to throw enough “information sh*t” in the fan and see it being spread by useful idiots.

That is essentially what has happened in the case of the hacked email account of Poland’s head of the prime minister’s chancellery, Minister Michał Dworczyk.

The “revelation” that the government discussed using the army “against women” during the abortion protests last autumn is such an example. Since the demonstrations were turning violent, there was aggression against the police, destruction of Church property and organized groups of agitators were calling for the overthrow of an elected government, any government would consider how it might defend itself.

Since the police were outnumbered, it was right for the government to use the military gendarmes and to consider the use of the territorial army to restore order.

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