Protests against racism are just another well-disguised attempt to change the system: opinion

The radical left took control of the protests

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Michal Půr

The current protests that flooded the United States and Europe have many similar disturbing characteristics. Undoubtedly, there was indignation over the murder of George Floyd at the beginning, but as the representatives of the radical left gradually took control of the movement, the effort to alter the interpretation of history, inherent to all movements that seek to change the current capitalist system, began to show.

To the detriment of activists who take the fight against racism seriously and sincerely, the radical left is diluting their efforts. This was also the case with climate activists, whose efforts were essentially sabotaged by neo-communists through movements such as Extinction Rebellion.

We can expect that in addition to the Black Lives Matter movement, other much more radical offshoots will emerge, essentially operating as terrorist organizations as their core value is to spread fear in society. Their goal is to completely change the “regime”, not to deal with particulars such as the fight against racism or climate change.

The current protests make it clear that radical left is growing stronger, and especially for the young generation, this worldview may be tempting. This is mainly because for a long time Democrats and other left-leaning parties have tolerated the presence of ultra-left activists in important institutions. In west of Europe and the United States, over the past decades, they have basically managed to control important universities, the media, and, in part, state administrations. It is the only explanation as to why these institutions tolerate violence and chaos in the streets.

A similar development cannot yet be expected in the Czech Republic and the surrounding states, because the radical left is significantly weakened in countries that still have fresh memories of its previous representatives: the communists.

This does not mean, however, that these forces do not exist in the Czech Republic. The Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague is a prime example of an institution in which the radical left has an upper hand and controls the faculty.

However, we can be sure that the activists in the Czech Republic will not succeed this time either, just as they ultimately failed to keep communism in the country.

They still represent a minority in society and their visions are not in-demand by the public. The problem, however, is that the fear they spread is creating a demand for simple and radical solutions. We are fortunate that, so far, no Hitler-like extremist has yet appeared in Europe or anywhere else to make the silent majority do crazy things.

To prevent such a development, we should not just wait and do nothing.

Politicians should realize that, first and foremost, most societies expect the rule of law to apply. Simply put, when someone robs shops, the person is treated according to clear rules, but without mercy. Footage of retreating police officers in front of a raging crowd shows the total failure of the state. Likewise, the majority expects universities to be apolitical on the outside and to give free rein to all schools of thought on the inside. And currently, this is not happening in many countries.

At, we made a ten-point list of what has not been heard during the current demonstrations but which represents a clear set of rules that could serve as a guideline for governing society for a few decades at the very least:

1) Freedom of speech must not be subject to current moods in society.

2) All races are equal.

3) Communism and Nazism constitute comparable crimes.

4) Private property is inviolable.

5) The state should serve the citizens and not vice versa.

6) The law applies equally to everyone.

7) We take lessons from history and judge people in the context of past events.

8) National identity exists.

9) Opinion and truth are not the same.

10) From a biological point of view, there are only two sexes.

Title image: Police disperse protesters during the Black Lives Matter protest rally in London, Sunday, June 7, 2020, in response to the recent killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, USA, that has led to protests in many countries and across the US. (AP Photo/Alberto Pezzali)


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