Good news for the Visegrad Four after center-right populist party wins in Slovakia: opinion

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In what could be a very good sign for the Visegard Four alliance, Slovakia’s Saturday elections ended with the surprisingly big victory for the Ordinary People (OLaNO) party, which is seen as populist in the West.

From the Polish point of view, it is a center-right party with a strong focus on anti-corruption.

As of now, everything is pointing to the OLaNO forming a coalition government with other center and right-wing political groups.

This development should be a positive sign for the Visegrad Four because those same parties oppose the federalization of the EU and the centralist ambitions of Brussels, as well as EU migration policies. They are also more politically aligned with the governments in Warsaw and Budapest than the previous Social-Democrats (Smer-SD), which to that party’s credit, still loyally cooperated with the Visegrad Four, especially on the matter of migration.