PM Orbán releases short political Western-style video clip

PM Orbán highlights the showdown he had with political opponents during a Q&A session in Parliament

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Dénes Albert

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán released a short, Western-styled video clip of the latest question-and-answer session in the Hungarian Parliament, illustrating the tone of the debate and the questions he had to face.

Borrowing the title of Enzo Barboni’s 1972 spaghetti western “Man of the East”, starring Terence Hill, the 1:47-long clip cuts from a windmill water pump to a panoramic image of the Hungarian Parliament, to the assembly floor and Orbán’s answers to the questions from the opposition.

The video also features a sepia-colored grainy image style and the evocative music of the de Angelis brothers.

“The climate crisis has reached [right-wing opposition party] Jobbik, it’s melting like an iceberg,” Orbán says in one excerpt from the debate and “I know you hate us, but that shouldn’t blur your vision in case of such obvious statistical facts.”

Both were responses to questions by opposition faction leaders.

Title image: Starting image of the “Man of the East” Orbán videoclip. (source: Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page)


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