The fight for Poland’s future in Europe

Coronavirus will change Europe forever, but Poland is positioned to enter a new level of development in socioeconomic relations within the EU, writes Marek A. Cichocki

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Marek A. Cichocki

The Europe which we have known for the last three decades, and which was born as a result of the great societal transformations after 1989, is most likely fading into history.

Yet, what consequences this change will bring to Poland depends on our own actions.

It is rare in modern history for us to be in a position in which our future is in our own hands. The first published data is showing the scale of the economic devastation wrought in Europe by the first wave of Covid-19.

Italy, for example, has found itself on the economic level it was on prior to the establishment of the eurozone. One of the largest countries in the EU has been set back by 20 years in terms of macro-economic indexes in just a few months.

Many other countries of the so-called western half of Europe, with Spain at the top, but also including France and Germany, have recorded massive economic losses.

No matter how quickly certain countries manage to exit the crisis, such deep shocks will lead to conditions that could set the stage for significant changes to the current structure of European inter-state relations.

For Poland, which has the benefit of three years of stable government, this is an opportunity to enter the next level of development.


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