The human cost of fighting the pandemic in Poland is dramatically high

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I have never claimed that the pandemic doesn’t exist. There are people around me who have caught the virus and suffered from it with varying levels of intensity — and some have had very harsh experiences. Keeping this in mind, I am not absolved of my journalistic skepticism towards the government’s regulations, which have been implemented with the advice of the Polish Medical Council, which is supposedly comprised of top experts.

The composition of this council is already controversial.

There is an over-representation of infectious disease specialists and epidemiologists, but there are no pulmonologists. Doctors who are struggling in hospitals every day have not spared the members of the council harsh criticism either. One of the main accusations against the council is the closure of health care facilities and the switch to remote telephone medical advice.

After 14 months of the pandemic, it would be good to verify the results of the government’s ordinances. Why has the Medical Council not explained the cause of 70,000 excessive deaths in Poland in 2020?

The 50,000 increase in deaths in cases where there was no coronavirus infection is twice as high compared to cases where coronavirus infections were noted. These people died due to the closing of health care facilities.

Everyone knows this, but neither the health minister nor the prime minister want to admit this.

Today, patients who complain about high fevers, coughs, pains, and who are able to finally get through to a doctor via telephone, are instructed to take a Covid-19 test. If the test confirms an infection, they are left to quarantine at home. No one will check up on them or examine them, although doctors have already been vaccinated.