Tribute to a Solidarity legend

Former PM and well-known Solidarity defender in communist times Jan Olszewski passed away in Warsaw on February 7th. The portal recalls his illustrious career and publishes reactions paying tribute to his memory.

editor: REMIX NEWS

Jan Olszewski was 89 years old when he passed away. He served in the youth section of the Home Army during the war and participated in the Warsaw Rising in 1944. In communist times he was an opposition activist and as a lawyer he defended famous dissidents such as Jacek Kuroń and Adam Michnik.

He was prime minister between 1991 and 1992. His government was brought down when it attempted to open the files of the secret police.

He was a member of Parliament twice, led two political parties he himself founded and ran for President in 1995.

President Andrzej Duda tweeted:

Jan Olszewski, lawyer and defended of the opposition in communist times has passed away. He was the PM of the first fully non-communist Polish government. We can call him the PM of a free, independent and sovereign Poland. He served Poland right until the end. We salute his memory.



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