A twelve-year-old transgender? Mental illness, not a right

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According to Joch, the topics currently under discussion – the Istanbul Convention along with the question of same-sex marriages and the already solved issue of the UN Migration Pact – are the three fundamental matters of politics, but mostly of civilization. By their solution, the entire Western society will determine what kind of civilization it wants to be.

Discussion of these key issues takes place in the Czech Republic with due seriousness. Because of experience with communism, Central European countries – the Czech Republic, the Visegrad Four, Austria, or parts of Germany – maintain a common sense in the debate, and are less subject to an ideological bias that is noticeable in Western Europe.

The institutions of marriage and traditional family correspond to human nature, and their ideal is shared by the vast majority of the population. Although the divorce rate in the Czech Republic is almost 50 percent, Joch is optimistic in the long run. In the population, there will always be people who prefer a family and who are willing to have more children over those who do not want the family or children. According to Joch, the future does not belong to secular liberal individualism, but conservative traditionalism.

Regarding the issue of increasing birth rates, which Andrej Babiš discussed with Viktor Orbán, the problem in the Czech Republic is that the Social Democrats control the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. In the Social Democratic Party, the stream of the new left, which seeks a cultural reconstruction of society and is not interested in increasing birth rates but in equality of men and women, prevailed. However, if a woman chooses to stay at home with children or to have more children, it is obvious that she cannot have the same salary as a man. So we have to choose whether we want more children or more childless young women with high incomes?

Joch considers the trend of some Western countries, where there is a belief that a twelve-year-old child has the right to change its gender, to be an expression of decadence and the end of civilization. As a graduate of the Medical Faculty, Joch recognizes that there are rare cases when one is born into a wrong body. These should be treated hormonally and surgically. One has to acknowledge reality and not to think that anyone can claim to be a member of another sex. It would be rather a manifestation of a psychological problem, not a right.

In general, the trend of transformation of real rights and freedoms into group privileges is considered by Joch to be dangerous, because it limits the actual rights and freedoms of all, not only minorities.

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