Waiting for Hołownia is like waiting for Godot: commentary

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The Polish independent presidential candidate from 2020, Szymon Hołownia, has been fishing for MPs on the left and the center to build his new party, as it is difficult to discern anything original or concrete about his movement.

“Poland 2050” is the enigmatic name of his party which has over the past few weeks managed to attract three female MPs, two from the liberal Civic Coalition and one from the left caucus serving as a senator. The three women concerned are all left-wingers, which places a question mark over Hołownia’s declared centrism.

Hołownia himself owes his relative success in the presidential campaign to Civic Coalition failings. He profited from this during the presidential election in which he polled over 13 percent, and he is benefitting from it today with his new party gaining in the polls at their expense.  

He has been able to be all things to all people and to build on his TV popularity. As a TV talent show host, he had the gift of the gab and an awareness of how to use the media to his best advantage.