Top Polish athletes aren’t afraid to tout their Christian faith

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Many top Polish athletes are open about how their relationship with God helped drive them to higher heights than would have been possible otherwise.

One of the latest examples includes Poland’s 2019 Sports Personality of the Year, the racecar driver Bartosz Zmarzlik, who recently said he was inspired by his faith.

Zmarzlik said that he became more publically open about the role of faith in his life after he heard the 2017 Sports Personality of the Year in Poland and ski jumping champion, Kamil Stoch, declare just how important faith was to him as well.

Two months before his ski jumping double gold triumph during the Sochi Winter Olympics, Kamil Stoch said that although he did not pray when jumping, he did pray before the competition.

During his prayers, he said he asked God to ensure that everyone came home safely. Stoch said that faith had always been important for him, and that was simply how he had been brought up. He added that it was clear that God always came first in his life.

Zmarzlik, the speedway champion, managed to beat Polish striker Robert Lewandowski for the Sports Personality of the Year title, something which many fans disapproved of.