White supremacy with a necktie? That’s our new reality

From now on, we should be very careful about what we wear

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: István Léko

We can find oppression in everything if we look for it hard enough. Progressives of all countries could put that sentence on a banner and march with it through the streets of every big city. Now, these progressives — the ones looking for some form of discrimination in everything in order to work up a justification to ban it — have found a new victim: a necktie.

Don’t laugh either. Although it seems like a big joke, there is truly nothing to laugh about.

From these social justice crusaders, we have learned that the tie is not only an outdated and still-lasting symbol of abominable male chauvinism that humiliates and insults women but also a reminder of the supremacy of the White race and colonial oppression.

Hats off to the tie for being such a small article of clothing being capable of so much.

The media bastion of neo-Marxism and liberalism — the British daily The Guardian — reported on this new discovery. The author of the text, which we could call a progressive pamphlet, is none other than the vice-chancellor of the College of Creative Arts at Massey University in New Zealand, Claire Robinson.

The story begins in New Zealand, where Speaker Trevor Mallard expelled Rawiri Waititi, the leader of the Maori party, representing the country’s indigenous people, was expelled from a parliamentary meeting simply because he did not have a tie on. According to the rules of procedure, male members can only ask a question if they have a tie. The MP responded to this reprimand by saying that the tie is a “colonial noose”, a symbol of the suppression of indigenous culture and identity.

Robinson agreed with this view and immediately added that the tie is one of the most politically significant parts of clothing, a phallic white tool because it insidiously directs the gaze of women to a man’s crotch. Besides, it is said to be a 500-year-old symbol that aimed to emphasize the size of the penis of European nobles.

“If there was ever a year to change New Zealand’s anachronistic parliamentary dress code, it should be 2021, when the new parliament is the most diverse and inclusive ever, including 48 percent women, 11 percent of LGBTQs, 21 percent Maori, 8 percent Pacific islanders and  7 percent Asian New Zealand Members. White male MPs, the demographic group most likely to wear a necktie, are now a minority,” Robinson wrote.

“Forms of clothing and body adornment allow people the ability to project how they see themselves and their place in the world. 2021 should be a time when our democracy is enabling, not preventing, members of parliament with other world views, genders, and values to express their respect and their political ideals and values through other non-Western, non-male forms of clothing, attire, and decoration. If neckties are to be worn in the New Zealand’s parliamentary debating chamber, they should be optional,” suggested Professor Robinson.

Before all the White men open their closets and throw their ties into the trash with a heavy heart, it would be helpful to think about some of the questions that may arise after reading Professor Robinson’s fantastic analysis. For example, what should men who wear bow ties do?

I don’t even want to know what wearing a bowtie could mean if it is true that the neck tie symbolizes the size of a penis.  I do not mean only suffragettes and flight attendants of some airlines, because bowties were also worn by famous symbols of female beauty such as actress Marlene Dietrich or singer Madonna.

Shall we start retouching the bowties from their photos the same way it has been done for some time with the cigarette Humphrey Bogart held in Casablanca? There can be many questions.

What is the lesson from this case? From now on, we have to be very careful about what we wear, because at any moment a progressive activist with an unstable mind can appear to explain to us what this or that part of our clothing symbolizes and to rebuke us for insulting and humiliating someone.

The poor tie! We may have never expected it, but the progressive madness of the liberals caught up with it. That is why we should express our deepest possible solidarity and say: Je suis tie!


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