Germany: AfD party launches new map tracking migrant crime across the country

The interactive map details reports of migrant crime across Germany
By Thomas Brooke
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The Alternative for Germany (AfD) opposition party has launched a new case tracker on its party website detailing the increasing number of crimes being committed for foreign nationals across the country.

The case tracker, which is being updated daily, includes an interactive map of Germany pinpointing the location in which crimes being committed by foreign nationals are taking place, and now has well over 100 individual cases it has marked dating back to Feb. 21.

A total of 18 entries had already been submitted this week up until Wednesday evening, including several knife attacks and robberies ranging from Hamburg to Munich.

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Discussing the launch of the case tracker, Stephan Brandner, the party’s deputy federal spokesperson explained the party was assuming the responsibility of a media which has “mostly gone silent or hidden” on rising migrant crime, stating the conservative party has now taken on the “role of objective scout.”

“The individual local newspaper reports the stabbing or gang rape in their traffic area, but the profile of the perpetrator is concealed so that it remains completely unclear where the perpetrator is from or if he allegedly had to be deported a long time ago because he is in the country illegally.

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“Citizens want to know where the aggressor comes from and what social background he comes from. Because anyone who knows the profiles of the perpetrators will see that with the uncontrolled migration of millions of people from often archaically structured societies or from areas of crisis and war, people also come to us that violence is part of everyday life,” Brandner added.

The party stated its case tracker will reveal the disturbing reality that “there is an increase in stabbings, rapes, and other serious crimes committed by migrants in Germany,” and exert pressure on the federal government to cease its continuous open-door policy.

Brander called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser to “meet for a summit on migration and finally decide on countermeasures.”

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Foreigners are responsible for a massively disproportionate amount of crime in Germany, including 39 percent of murders and 37.7 percent of violent crimes despite only representing approximately 12 percent of the population.

As Remix News previously reported, foreign nationals also play an outsized role in a rape and sexual assaults in Germany, with 42 percent of all rapes committed by this small part of the population. This same trend has been seen in ItalySwedenDenmark, and France. In addition, there are approximately two gang rapes per day in Germany, with half of those cases involving a foreign national.

Germany’s current left-wing government is pushing for a radical overhaul of Germany’s immigration rules, which would also effectively hide troubling foreign national crime statistics by simply making the foreigners into citizens with an expedited citizenship process. Once foreigners become citizens, they are simply counted as “Germans” in the crime statistics.

As a part of the reform, the government wants to bring in 500,000 migrants a year, reduce standards for citizenship requirements, such as language tests, and

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