‘I will beat you until you die’ – Black man threatens to kill German lesbians in shocking video

By John Cody
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A lesbian couple who kissed each other on a train in Berlin were threatened with murder and told to leave the country; a woman attempting to defend them was also threatened with death.

The Black man in the video, who films the entire incident, appears to be reacting to a kiss between a lesbian couple across from him when the video starts. Although the video was recently published on X, it does not appear to have a date or location. However, the train where the film was shot, the S-Bahn, shows the Berlin stop of Tempelhof in the background.

“You are kissing, showing your useless character. If your parents were f**king each other, like woman to woman, would you be alive today? You are just brainwashed. Go back to your cave. You don’t belong to this planet. This is why… Look at your hair and the same with the dog hair, because you don’t belong here.

He also appears to make some remarks about their White skin, and the man refers to skin color throughout the video:

“This is why the sun burns you. You go out of the planet. You don’t belong to this planet, you don’t understand,” he said.

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The two women tell him to “get out” and tell him: “You talk shit.” However, the man continues by saying: “You smell like wet dog when you sweat. I don’t talk shit. I see you doing bullshit. You don’t come here, female on female. You are misleading the children, and you should be dead.”

He then responds to someone making a comment in the background, saying: “This is my land. This is ‘nicht Deutschland’ (not Germany). This is Planet X.”

He then blames the two women for cutting down trees and claims they do not like peace.

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A woman sitting nearby, who appears to be Middle Eastern, with a brown complexion, attempts to intervene, saying, “Don’t film them.”

He responds: “Shut the f**k up.” He refers to her as a “bitch” with “dog hair.” She responds: “Don’t call me ‘bitch.'”

He then threatens her outright, saying: “What are you going to do? I will beat your father, beat your mother. If you want to see if I can do it, just touch my leg. I will beat you until you die… Shut the f**k up, bitch.”

She tells him again: “Don’t film me.”

He then threatens her again: “What are you going to do? I’m filming you, so do something, bitch. “

One of the girls from the couple says to him: “Stop arguing with her now, what is your problem?” However, the man keeps his focus on the woman who intervened.

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“You are a bitch, your mother is a bitch. Your father is a bitch, with your beige skin… Where do you come from? Go back to your cave, you belong in a cave. Caucasians, you are Caucasian. Caucasians mean from the Caucasus Mountains, from the cave.”

The man then begins referring to the skin of the woman who intervened.

“You don’t have melanin, you have nothing. You get burned from the sun, you enslave this, you cut down trees, just go back to your cave, you don’t belong on this planet.

He then says that “sun poisoning is killing you now. That’s why we are glad.”

Foreigners targeting LGBT community

LGBT people have often been the victim of attacks from migrants in Germany. Last week, two lesbians in Berlin were seriously beaten by teenagers. In July, four men in the multicultural neighborhood of Kreuzberg beat two lesbians, used homophobic slurs, and fled the scene. In August, In perhaps one of the most immigrant-heavy neighborhoods in Germany, Neukölln, a lesbian organization had its building burned down in an arson attack. In 2020, a Syrian migrant stabbed a gay man to death in Dresden in a targeted homophobic attack.

In 2022, a number of foreign men attacked a gay pride parade and set an LGBT flag on fire in Karlsruhe. Also in 2022, a rejected Chechen asylum seeker beat a transgender woman to death during an LGBT parade in Münster.

Middle Eastern and North African countries are known for their extreme anti-LGBT laws and incredible repression of the LGBT community. Cultural differences between Muslims and other non-European foreign national groups sometimes lead to social tension and outright violence in multicultural European nations that take a more liberal approach to sexuality.

This month, a refugee center for 650 migrants opened opposite the world-famous Eastside Gallery gay bar.

The owner of the establishment has expressed major concerns about the safety of LGBT people and people partying in the area.

“The asylum home is located directly on a party mile where, in addition to young women, transgender people and many other people from the queer scene are out and about,” owner Carla Pahlau told Die Welt.

“Refugees with a Syrian, Afghan, or Turkish background come from an area where being gay is not accepted at all,” she added.

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