Rejected asylum seeker beats transgender man to death during LGBT parade in Germany

Nuradi A., suspected of killing transgender man Malte C. (Associated Press)
By John Cody
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A Chechen migrant beat a transgender man to death after he defended two lesbian women from homophobic insults during a LGBTQ Pride Parade in the city of Münster, according to police.

On Saturday, Aug. 27, more than 10,000 people gathered in downtown Münster, Germany, to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community when a Chechen migrant, identified as Nuradi A., started hurling homophobic slurs at two lesbian women. The attacker called the two women “lesbian whores” and shouted “Fuck you.” When the attacker approached the women threateningly, Malte C., a transgender man, intervened, asking Nuradi A. to leave them alone.

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The migrant subsequently attacked Malte C., punching him in the face, throwing him to the ground, and beating him until he was unconscious, according to German newspaper Bild. The victim was plunged into a coma due to a cerebral hemorrhage, with the 25-year-old dying on Friday due to his injuries.

On Saturday, the regional court in Münster held the first hearing for Russian citizen Nuradi A., suspected of killing the transgender man during the altercation at the parade. The assailant reportedly comes from Chechnya, a predominately Muslim state that remains part of the Russian federation.

News reports indicate that Nuradi A’s asylum request had already been rejected by the German government, and he should have been deported back to Russia, but the war in Ukraine hampered his deportation. However, Germany already had a poor record on deportations — even for those individuals convicted of crimes — long before the war in Ukraine broke out.

Memorial March for Malte C. Friday evening in Münster.

Nuradi A. had not commented since his arrest at Münster main station on Friday, Prosecutor General Dirk Ollech said on Saturday. The 20-year-old was presented to the magistrate on Saturday afternoon. He decided that the man would be remanded in custody. He is charged with bodily harm resulting in death.

Germany has suffered from similar cases in the past, including a Syrian migrant who targeted two gay men in Dresden in 2020. The Syrian stabbed one of them to death, saying that he did it in the name of Islam and to “punish the infidels.” He said he did not regret the attack. Earlier this summer, in June, approximately 30 men of “southern origin” attacked an LGBT parade in Karlsruhe, beating a number of participants and setting an LGBT flag on fire.

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In Oslo this year, Islamists targeted Norway’s top Pride Parade in a shooting terrorist attack that left two dead and 21 injured, an event that shocked the nation.

Last February, Nuradi A., who is a trained boxer, also punched a victim, resulting in his arrest. In June, the delinquent was sentenced per a so-called educational measure for intentional bodily harm; he was also ordered to pay €200 to a social institution and be supervised by a social worker for six months.

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