Italian schoolgirl gang-raped by Egyptian migrant gang whilst walking through public gardens with her boyfriend

By Thomas Brooke
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Seven Egyptian migrants have been arrested on suspicion of gang-raping a 13-year-old Italian schoolgirl in front of her boyfriend in the Sicilian city of Catania.

The horrific attack occurred on Tuesday evening as the victim and her boyfriend strolled through the public gardens of Villa Bellini in the heart of the city.

Il Giornale newspaper reported how the couple was accosted by the migrant gang who dragged the minor into a public bathroom where the attack took place.

The victim’s boyfriend was beaten by the gang and restrained while two of the suspects raped the girl as the others looked on. After the second assault, the victim managed to free herself and escape with her boyfriend.

Upon leaving the park, the couple sought the help of passers-by in Via Etnea who alerted the authorities.

Surveillance of CCTV footage from the gardens and the testimonies of the victims helped to identify the group — six of whom were arrested that evening. DNA swabs were also collected from the victim as part of the ongoing investigation.

A seventh suspect was detained the following day in Piazza Dante as he attempted to collect his personal belongings from his temporary residence before skipping town.

The District and Juvenile Prosecutor’s Offices confirmed to Italian media that three of the suspects are minors.

The heinous attack has sparked national outrage and was commented on by several high-profile politicians on Saturday, including Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“I want to say this to express my solidarity with her and her family. The State will be there and justice will be done,” the Italian premier said during a visit to the Gigafactory 3Sun in Catania.

Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was more scathing and reiterated his Lega party’s proposed punishment for rapists.

“Don’t come and talk to me about tolerance. In the face of horrors like this, there can be no clemency but only one cure: chemical castration. I count on the proposal presented by the League to be voted on as soon as possible,” he said.

Lega MEP Annalisa Tardino called for foreign nationals who commit such offenses to be “repatriated immediately,” adding: “The safety of our children must be a priority.”

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