While war rages in Ukraine, European Parliament votes on gender-neutral toilets

By Dénes Albert
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At a time when war rages in Ukraine, the European Parliament is busy voting on gender-neutral toilets, Annika Bruna, MEP for the French National Rally, complained in a tweet.

“Dear friends, while there is a war raging in Eastern Europe, the healthcare crisis has consequences that could destroy the country and inflation threatens us, the European Parliament is busy discussing the issue of its own toilets,” Bruna said. “In fact, yesterday the majority of deputies voted on an analysis of the composition of the toilets in (the European) Parliament, on how to account for all person’s needs and the necessity of gender-neutral toilets.”

Bruna was referring to a text circulated in parliament detailing the design of the EU parliament’s bathrooms, which EU MEPs voted on Wednesday of last week.

The vote comes at a time when 2.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine and thousands of civilians killed in fighting. The priorities of the establishment in Brussels have often been questioned during severe crises, and the issue of gender-neutral toilets is sure to raise some eyebrows.

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“Does the European Parliament have nothing else to do, nothing else to spend taxpayers’ money on than to provide gender-neutral toilets?” Bruna asked in the video. “As representatives of the National Rally, we think there are plenty of more important problems to solve for the French and the Europeans. Clearly, we voted against this motion.”

Amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine, the European Parliament also voted last week to sanction Hungary and Poland over alleged violations of “rule of law,” despite the two countries taking in more Ukrainian refugees than any other EU nation by far. Both countries have been long-time targets of the liberal establishment in Brussels.

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