Czechia sent Ukraine weapons worth €141 million and will send more

Czech Republic's Defense Minister Jana Cernochova, left, speaks during a meeting with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon, Thursday, April 21, 2022, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)
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A proposal will be presented to government ministers for further military assistance to Ukraine worth 600-700 million korunas (€24-28 million), Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová announced on Czech television.

The minister did not want to discuss specifics about the military provisions, but revealed the Czech government has now provided the Ukrainian military with more than 3.5 billion korunas (€141 million) worth of equipment.

Černochová added that the Ministry of Defense is also cooperating with the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague to buy weapons and military equipment with the money people have sent to the embassy’s bank account. So far, the embassy has received about 1.2 billion korunas (€48 million). The domestic armaments industry contributed at least 17 million korunas (€690,000).

“In total, this makes the Czech Republic one of Ukraine’s biggest supporters of military equipment,” added Černochová. “It is essential that the assistance is continuous.”

Černochová did not want to confirm or deny whether the Czech Republic also delivered combat helicopters to Ukraine, as U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said on Monday. According to available information, Czechia also sent T-72 tanks, and the U.S. defense secretary also mentioned deliveries of missile systems.

The Ministry remains tight-lipped on the specifics

The minister confirmed that Ukraine is also receiving heavy equipment, but she refused disclose specifics.

“I don’t want to send lists of weapons we send to Ukraine to the Kremlin,” Černochová said, adding that she will not give up her efforts to help Ukraine.

At the end of April, the Czech Ministry of Defense stated that the Czech Republic had provided Ukraine with military aid worth almost 3 billion korunas (€121 million) during the two months of the war. Government officials have previously confirmed the supply of small arms, missiles, and medical equipment. According to the media, Czechia sent to Ukraine the self-propelled howitzers called Dana, salvo rocket launchers RM-70 Grad, and infantry fighting vehicles.

Černochová also pointed to supplies of humanitarian and non-military material from the Czech Republic, which are in the remit of other ministries. For example, according to data from mid-April, the Administration of State Material Reserves helped Ukraine with equipment and food worth 120 million korunas (€4.9 million).

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