New Year’s nightmare: Afghan migrant severely stabs woman in Czech town of Karlovy Vary and then rapes another

The foreigner came to the town of Karlovy Vary from Germany. (Kindel Media/Pexels)
By John Cody
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A 23-year-old Afghan national ended up in custody on Sunday evening after police say he stabbed a 37-year-old woman at the railway station in the Czech town of Karlovy Vary and then raped a 19-year-old girl.

The stabbing occurred just three hours after New Year’s Eve,

The perpetrator allegedly inflected severe stab wounds to the chest of the older woman and then escaped from the scene, according to Czech news outlet Novinky.

“A seriously injured woman was then to use all her strength to walk to a restaurant several hundred meters away, where she fell unconscious. After that, she was taken to the hospital,” said police spokesman Jakub Kopřiva.

The foreigner, who is, according to Právo daily, an Afghan, came to the Czech town after traveling from Germany. Shortly after the stabbing, he attacked a 19-year-old woman and demanded sexual intercourse. The woman fought back but eventually fainted. The attacker then allegedly had intercourse with the young girl and escaped.

The first woman who suffered stab wounds is now in a stable condition at the hospital.

“In a short time, the police obtained a rough description of the perpetrator, whom immediately began to search intensively in Karlovy Vary, in local forests and around them, and also in other places in the region,” Kopřiva specified.

The police detained the attacker shortly after the officers received the second report of a rape. The perpetrator underwent a breath alcohol test. The test was positive with a result of 1.23 per mille alcohol.

The man was then taken into custody. If he is found guilty, he faces up to 18 years in prison.

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