6 illegal migrants remain at large after torching French detention center and fleeing

Two suspects face charges for setting fire to the facility, but a number of escaped detainees are still unaccounted for

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Fdesouche

Six illegal migrants who took advantage of a power failure to escape from a detention center in the French city of Nîmes on Saturday evening remain unaccounted for.

French police have launched an investigation into the incident, which saw a group of migrants in an irregular situation set fire to 14 rooms, leading to six individuals escaping the complex and evading the authorities. A further 11 migrants were taken to the hospital following the incident.

It is understood that a power failure at the administrative detention center on Saturday led to a number of detainees ripping out surveillance cameras, smashing doors, and torching rooms in three areas of the facility.

They used mattresses to start the fires, resulting in two out of five areas of the administrative center sustaining significant damage.

The administration estimates the damage caused that night alone at €250,000.

Since then, an investigation has been underway, targeting two men in particular, aged 20 and 22, who were detained that evening at the administrative center.

The two suspects were taken into custody on Thursday morning by authorities in charge of the investigation. Both deny all responsibility for the incident.

They were expected to appear before the Nîmes magistrates’ court on Friday to face charges of “damaging property by dangerous means” and “endangering the lives of others.”

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