‘How many liters of blood will it take to have the right to speak?’ – French politician says the murder of 12-year-old Lola is being swept under the rug

By Dénes Albert
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French officials want to sweep the shocking murder of 12-year-old Lola under the rug to hide their own failed migration policy, said Marion Maréchal, vice-president of France’s right-wing Reconquest party, during an interview on BFMTV. She said that despite so many deaths at the hands of migrants in France, the country’s political class is still attempting to stifle any dissent on the topic.

“I think that beyond the case in question, the death of Lola is our collective responsibility. This isn’t a random event, nor is it just an isolated case. It is a social phenomenon that is threatening us all. I will be a bit direct, but how many liters of blood will it take to have the right to speak? (…) Lola is not an isolated case,” said Maréchal.

She continued by saying, “It is the latest drama in a long series of cases. We have to remember the 86 people who died on Proménade des Anglais on July 14, the three people killed in the Nice basilica, the rape of the woman by three Sudanese, and the case of a 69-year-old woman raped by Algerians.”

The brutal rape and murder of the French schoolgirl Lola — by an illegal Algerian migrant who was supposed to have already been deported — has led to an explosion in debate about the devastating impact of mass migration on French society and the country’s security. Critics of French President Emmanuel Macron are accusing his left-liberal government of being largely responsible for the young girl’s death.

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Maréchal said that not only is the French political class, specifically Minister of Interior Gérald Darmanin and Minister of Justice Éric Dupont-Moretti, being insincere about the death of Lola, but they also refuse to take any responsibility for their role in her death.

“I think that we are all — both on the right and the left — touched and horrified by what happened. I am a mother of a young girl myself, and I cannot dare imagine the suffering of the parents, but I think that these indignations and accusation are not particularly sincere. I think it is more a strategy of political terrorism, if I may say so, with the aim to avoid naming the persons responsible, the causality and the reasons why Lola lost her life and the proper attribution of this abominable crime. And I think that the first persons who want to keep it silent and avoid taking responsibility are exactly those (responsible), Minister of Interior Gérald Darmanin and Minister of Justice Éric Dupont-Moretti. I have to tell you clearly that I will not yield to this intellectual terrorism and, as others, I will ask questions, demand action, and establish responsibilities.”

Maréchal’s aunt, Marine Le Pen, who runs the parliamentary group of the rival National Rally party, also blamed the government’s migration policy earlier this week for leading directly to the murder of Lola.

“Madame Prime Minister, on Friday, time stopped for a moment for every one of us. France was frozen by stupor, sadness, and horror upon learning of the torment of little Lola. The young girl that people took away in broad daylight, in the middle of Paris, in the worst possible way. The compassion of the country regarding her family makes everyone aware that it could be our family. This is profound.

Once again, the suspect of this barbarous attack should not have been on our territory, and this was the case for more than three years. One time too many. And you will not be able to avoid the topic as you do in all circumstances and which the minister of justice has just done by shouting about recuperation and attacking with this hackneyed argument those who are outraged.

Too many crimes and offenses are committed by illegal immigrants that you did not want or failed to send back to their country of origin.”

Le Pen also pointed to crime data from former Paris Police Chief Didier Lallement, who retired approximately three months ago, with Le Pen stating he “wrote himself in his book that one out of every two offenses in Paris are committed by a foreigner, often in an irregular situation.” Data from the French Interior Ministry also shows that 48 percent of all offenses in Paris are committed by foreigners.

As Remix News reported, Macron had said he wanted a 100 percent deportation rate just two years ago; however, new data reveals that the deportation rate is around 6 percent and in the case of Algerians onlyl 0.2 percent. The 24-year-old woman accused of murdering Lola is Algerian.

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