Sex changes for children are ‘criminal,’ claims Zemmour during fierce debate

Elisabeth Moreno and Éric Zemmour
By Dénes Albert
2 Min Read

French presidential candidate Éric Zemmour has slammed the vocal LGBT minority in France for attempting to force society down a road he says the majority does not accept.

In a televised debate on Thursday, the presidential hopeful faced off against the French Minister Delegate for Gender Equality, Élisabeth Moreno who told viewers that “there is no LGBT ideology, there are only persons who they are. There are heterosexual people and there are homosexual people.”

In response, Zemmour called out the organized LGBT minority for putting “pressure on society that will revolutionize society, which in my eyes are harmful.

“The laws your government and the previous governments have approved related to homosexual marriages. This is exactly the pressure of the LGBT lobby,” he added.

Zemmour accused Moreno and the French government of “yielding to the LGBT lobby,” suggesting an increase in child gender reassignment surgery on their watch.

“The doctors are exasperated by the number of those (children) who come with their parents to have their sex changed. This is criminal, Madam Moreno,” Zemmour said.

The debate moved on to the topic of LGBT propaganda and equality between men and women, on which Zemmour said he opposed the viewpoint of French writer and feminist icon, Simone de Beauvoir, who believed: “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”

“I think a man becomes a man because he is born a man, and a woman becomes a woman because she is born a woman,” Zemmour said plainly.

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