2 Nigerians beat German train conductor unconscious

By Dénes Albert
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Two Nigerians beat a train conductor in the German town of Essen to the point of hospitalization after he asked one of them to clear the door area so the train could continue on its journey.

According to police, the migrants choked the man and beat him unconscious over the weekend.

Sources say the reason for the altercation on Sunday night began because the 41-year-old train conductor had asked a 36-year-old Nigerian to step out of the doorway of the train.

The immigrant allegedly handed over a child he was holding at the time to his partner and stood in front of the railroad employee in a threatening manner, according to Germans newspaper Bild.

After the altercation broke out, a 37-year-old Nigerian male rushed to the attacker’s aid and rammed the train driver with an empty baby carriage. Together, they then allegedly severely beat the conductor, with one man choking the victim as well, according to witnesses.

When officers arrived on scene, they found the victim lying unconscious on the ground and transported him to the hospital.

One of the perpetrators tried to flee, but police later arrested him. The federal police are investigating the two men for dangerous bodily injury committed by a group.

German public transportation workers are increasingly under threat from migrants. Just last month, a German ticket inspector was stabbed by a Syrian migrant who had refused to buy a ticket.

In 2018, a German-Iranian man went on a stabbing spree on a bus that injured nine people in the northern city of Lübeck.

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