Egyptian migrant tried to kidnap a baby, but was released the next day. He then attacks German police and pedestrians 2 days later

Federal police officers guard an arrested migrant at a police station on the German border - Symbol photo (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
By Karolina Klaskova
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A rejected asylum seeker tried to kidnap a baby in the German town of Gaussig near Bautzen, but the public prosecutor responded by immediately releasing the 29-year-old Egyptian migrant.

According to police, the illegal immigrant pushed the parents aside and ran away with the stroller carrying the baby. The father and two other witnesses were able to stop the man, overpower him, and hand him over to the police. According to information from Radio Lausitz, the perpetrator reportedly lives in Dresden.

While the incident happened on Saturday, police are only now releasing this information, according to a report from German news outlet Junge Freiheit.

The Egyptian is known to the police. The day before the failed kidnapping, he had tried to steal a cell phone in Gaussig.

Despite the threat the man posed, the Egyptian was not charged with a crime and recommended for psychiatric counseling. He was then released by the prosecutor the same day.

On Monday, the man threw fist-sized stones at police officers in Wallroda near Radeberg. During the subsequent foot pursuit, the Egyptian led police officers on a wild chase across the Röder River. Approximately 30 minutes later, he threatened passers-by with broken glass before being overpowered by officers and arrested.

Now, investigators have charged the man with theft, child abduction, robbery, assault, and resisting arrest. It is unclear if the prosecutors will move to prosecute these charges in court.

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