The collapse of Green energy policy

FILE - Steam leaves a cooling tower of the Lichterfelde gas-fired power plant in Berlin, Germany, March 30, 2022. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn, File)
By Dénes Albert
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The fact their government has ordered mandatory austerity measures from the first of September has hit Germans like a cold shower. The cold shower is now only understood in the figurative sense, it is not yet mandatory, but it will be forbidden to heat the rooms of public buildings that are not used for permanent residence, and rooms that are in continuous use may only be heated to 19 degrees Celsius. So far, 20 degrees Celsius has been the norm.

The Germans are still somehow able to swallow this, but it will probably be more difficult for them to digest that the electric water heaters, which are primarily used for washing hands, should not be used as intended, and only cold water can be provided to citizens who are used to maximum comfort and cleanliness. From there, the cold shower obligation, which the green politicians have already promised, is really just one step away. It’s better to get used to this kind of thing gradually; first it’s the hands, then the rest of the body.

It will also be forbidden to illuminate public buildings, and of course later the streets as well. This is obviously nothing new for the elderly, because they became accustomed to complete blackouts more than seven and a half decades ago. But then, there was a war. There is also a war now, albeit in Ukraine, about 1,500 kilometers from Germany. From 10 p.m. until 6 a.m., it will be forbidden to illuminate advertising surfaces; shop doors must also be closed properly, and everyone must have their gas appliances checked, etc.

But the worst is yet to come for the Germans. With the onset of winter, stricter energy-saving measures will be introduced, because despite the flood of optimistic statements that the gas reserves will be at 95 percent capacity by the first of November, the numbers show otherwise. Russia is supplying Germany with only 40 percent of the originally agreed amount of gas, which may drop to 20 percent, while the price of gas has doubled in six months. It is possible that the crisis will lead to the fall of the government.

A non-traditional governmental crisis is in the making in Germany. The gas Cold War can bury the Greens under itself, because it will prove that the radical poisonous green ideology is nothing more than a fever dream that was invented on paper, with the sole aim of gaining power. The loss of face has already partially occurred, because according to some press reports, Berlin is already seriously considering not shutting down the three nuclear power plants that are still operating at the end of this year, but will continue to operate them in order to get through the winter period.

A fall of the government would finally push the whole “green idea” into the abyss, the ideological base that wants to use only and exclusively renewable energies, which is the basis of the current government’s actions. The traditional ideologies only exist in theory. The right and the left have ceased to exist, liberalism has also merged into the mass of the great ideological crucible. The Greens are pushing everything to the abyss, both the red Social Democrats and the yellow Liberals.

All of this alone could cause enough political chaos in Germany, but since Berlin has been thinking about a German Europe for some time, pseudo-environmentalists have built up a serious green clientele on the continent, so the export of democracy may be replaced by the export of political uncertainty. This would mean another blow to the Brussels elites, who are now thoroughly weakened and are not even close to achieving the global influence they desire. This, in turn, will drag down the entire European community.

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