Watch: Migrants drag ‘Last Generation’ environmental activists off the road

Apparently removing blockades counts as self-defense in Germany

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Junge Freiheit
Migrants vs. climate activists in Germany (Source: Twitter)

While ‘Last Generation’ environmental activists blocked a road in Germany, the drivers who resorted to force to get them out of the way turned out to be individuals with a migrant background. In the video, which the organization published itself on Twitter, angry men and one woman are seen aggressively dragging away the mostly White activists after they glued themselves to the road.

In the video, the drivers are seen picking up the radicals under their arms or snatching their vests and heaving them aggressively off the road. The climate activists offer little in terms of resistance, especially in the face of the rapid and brusque response of the migrants, one of whom appears to be from a DPD package delivery service van.

The accent of the drivers gives them away as non-Germans, with the drivers yelling, “We have to go to work! Get out of here!” and “Get down here!” and “We have work to do!”

The Last Generation cameraman responds, “This is assault, stop it.”

At the end of the video, a man walks up to the person filming and asks, “What are you filming me for? Turn it off.”

According to German law, dragging someone away who is blocking a road is not assault, but an act of self-defense.

The Last Generation group is also known for its anti-racist, pro-open border stances; however, the migrants who drag them off the road appear more concerned with getting to work or getting home than the climate agenda of the protesters.

It remains unclear where this incident occurred.

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