Hungarian army called to aid hospitals as COVID-19 cases rise

300 military personnel help healthcare workers with non-specialized tasks as fears of new wave grow

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Honvédelem
Hungarian servicemen help with supply handling at a Budapest hospital. (MTI)

The Hungarian Armed Forces is sending a further 194 soldiers to 75 hospitals from Nov. 2 to help carry out health duties in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the official armed forces homepage writes.

The Hungarian Armed Forces, as it did during the previous waves of the epidemic, is still involved in protecting the country during the epidemic. Upon the request of the government, from Nov. 2, about 300 soldiers will provide assistance in several hospitals in Budapest and the countryside to relieve the burden on the staff of health care institutions.

Soldiers assigned to hospitals participate in logistical tasks, assist in the measurement of body temperature of incoming patients, patient management, patient escort and guidance, and administration and transportation tasks.

A soldier helping with patient orientation in a Budapest hospital. (source:

“As in the spring, the Hungarian soldiers are now ready to guarantee the security of the country and the Hungarian people, in addition to performing their basic tasks and supporting the work of the health care and the police. In order to increase the sense of security of the population, the armed forces currently participate in the performance-enhancing patrol tasks of the police in 48 settlements and continuously participate in the fight against migration and in border protection tasks,” the Hungarian Armed Forces wrote. “The safety of Hungarian citizens is of paramount importance to the Hungarian Armed Forces, so the soldiers do their best to help protect against the epidemic.”

As of today, due to the rising number of COVID cases, wearing masks is again mandatory on all public transport across the country.

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