Hungary opens largest Budapest hotel to Ukrainian refugees

Danubius Hotel Hungaria, the country's largest four-star hotel.
By Dénes Albert
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The largest hotel in Hungary has reopened its doors to welcome Ukrainians seeking refuge from the Russo-Ukrainian war, it has announced.

Located at the Eastern Railway Station and closed for months, the Danubius Hotel Hungaria will now host refugees exclusively, following its reopening on March 1.

In a statement, the hotel’s managing company explained that while the establishment’s reopening was originally planned for a few months’ time, it had decided to open early for the benefit of refugees in an “extraordinary collaboration” and mobilization of the company’s staff.

The hotel also caters for refugees arriving through partner organizations and provides rooms for those in need for weeks at a time, the company’s management said.

“Our company cannot stand idly by in the tragic situation in the neighboring country. We feel it is our duty to help those fleeing the war and to help take care of them, ”said Balázs Kovács, CEO of Danubius Hotels, the country’s largest hotel chain.

According to the latest data from Hungarian National Police, 121,913 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Hungary since Feb. 24.

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