Romania creates humanitarian aid hub for Ukraine

Neighboring Romania is a major escape route for those fleeing the war in Ukraine

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mediafax

Romania will set up a hub to to collect and transport international humanitarian aid to Ukraine, President Klaus Iohannis announced at the end of Tuesday’s meeting of the country’s defense council.

The Romanian president also argued that it is necessary to support Moldova, which is facing an influx of refugees from Ukraine.

“First of all, we decided to intensify our cooperation at the bilateral and allied level for the significant consolidation of the position of deterrence and defense on the eastern flank in the next period, by deploying allied forces and by accelerating the establishment of the Romanian Fighting Group,” the head of state announced.

“In the general context produced by the effects of the regional security situation, it is necessary to support, in various dimensions, the Republic of Moldova, which is facing an increased wave of refugees and possibly other difficulties. In this sense, in the council meeting, we decided on a series of support measures,” Iohannis added.

According to him, Romania will continue to be involved in the efforts of the international community to support Ukraine.

“Today, we decided to set up a logistics facility in our country, a so-called hub, a center, to allow the collection and transport of international donations in the field of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and to Ukrainians.

“At the same time, we decided to intensify the measures to help the refugees from Ukraine and to manage in an integrated way a massive influx of people entering the territory of our country,” Iohannis added.

According to the latest data, over 77,000 Ukrainian refugees entered Romania during the first week of the conflict, more than half of whom have since moved on, primarily to western Europe.

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