Hungary: Bookmakers set odds for an Orbán victory in upcoming elections

Odds for a Viktor Orbán election victory are looking good, according to popular betting platform Unibet

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: Mandiner
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Online betting site Unibet on Sunday opened betting for the April 3 general elections in Hungary showing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as the clear favorite.

The site gives odds of 1:4 for Orbán, while his adversary, independent Péter Márki-Zay running for a ragtag coalition of six opposition parties, has odds of 2:1. Recently, there have been insiders in the opposition complaining about disarray in the election campaign. One source said the opposition has a lack of seasoned campaign staff, conflicts over messaging, and unhappiness about the chosen candidate to lead the opposition.

The opposition has seen a dip in its support in the polls as of late.

On Unibet’s website, a graphic showcases the voting odds for Márki-Zay and Orbán in the upcoming election.

This in effect means that Unibet considers an Orbán victory has a 75 percent chance of winning the election.

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