Hungary’s PM Orbán leads race just two days before election

(AP Photo/Anna Szilagyi)
By Dénes Albert
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With only two days to the general elections scheduled for April 3, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s conservative Fidesz has a clear five-point lead over the joint six-party opposition coalition, think-tank Századvég’s latest poll indicates.

According to the poll, the ruling coalition of Fidesz and its junior partner, the Christian-Democrats, can expect 49 percent of the votes of those certain or likely to vote, while the opposition coalition is looking at 44 percent.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán campaigns in Eger, eastern Hungary. (Prime Minister’s Press Office/Vivien Cher Benko)

The remaining three other parties (the Two-Tailed Dog satire party, the right-wing Our Homeland movement and the independent Solution Movement) are well bellow the five-percent parliamentary threshold.

Since the invasion of Ukraine on February 25, the Hungarian election campaign has been dominated by the war, with Orbán and his cabinet firmly committed against any military involvement, while the opposition coalition has been criticizing them for their lukewarm condemnation of Putin’s regime.

Orange column: FIdesz-KDNP, blue column: opposition coalition. (source: Századvég)

If he wins, this will be 58-year-old Orbán’s fourth consecutive term — he has been in power since 2010) and fifth overall (he also was prime minister between 1998 and 2002. On Nov. 30, 2020, Orbán became the longest-serving prime minister, beating 19th century liberal politician Count Kálmán Tisza’s record and winning on Sunday would also put him on track for the longest uninterrupted governing.

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