‘We are the antidote for globalism and multiculturalism’ – Tom Van Grieken delights CPAC Hungary audience with impassioned speech

Tom Van Grieken meets with Viktor Orban at CPAC Hungary in Budapest.
By John Cody
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On the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Hungary, the leader of the Vlaams Belang (VL) Belgian nationalist party Tom Van Grieken had delivered his speech that many have regarded as a highlight during the conference.

The address entitled “A conservative antidote for woke politics” started with an apology for some of his own countrymen, who he described as the same Belgian politicians who, working hand-in-hand with the European Union’s institutions, have brought shame to their own countrymen. He mentioned presidents of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy and Charles Michel by name. While apologizing, he apologized to the one he said was “worst political export product of them all, the liberal windbag Guy Verhofstadt.”

Verhofstadt, the leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe from 2009 to 2019, is known to have called Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán a “dictator” in the past.

Van Grieken points out that people who lost election after election in their own country have the audacity to lecture successful politicians who actually win election after election in their own countries. These liberal politicians can only count on the backing of fellow EU bureaucrats, while democratically elected leaders have the backing of the people, pointed out Van Grieken, hinting at the electoral victory of Viktor Orbán, who was inaugurated in April as Hungarian prime minister for the fifth time.

The Belgian politician then went on expressing his appreciation to Hungary, saying it is no wonder that conservatives find themselves together in Budapest of all places.

“At this moment, Hungary is the heart of the conservative resistance against the globalist agenda. If there is a conservative revival in Europe, it is without a doubt the most visible here in Hungary. What a brave people you are, my Hungarian friends,” remarked Van Grieken.

The VL leader also told his audience that Hungarians sent a clear message to Europe and the world, in which they made it very clear that this is their land, and they will not allow anybody to tell them how to live and how to shape their own future. He called Hungarians the “freedom fighters of the 21st century” for providing inspiration to the rest of the continent.

The Belgian politician then went on to speak about the importance of exposing the globalist strategy of the left, which is the very doctrine that the leaders of the European Union have readily embraced. In his view, the EU has only one solution to any problem that they encounter, and that is more power to the union, and stronger integration towards a superstate. Relinquishing power to Brussels and allowing them to continue in their aim to centralize the continent will inevitably lead to less sovereignty for nation states.

“The current European Union is not the solution, but the problem!,” said Van Grieken.

He also pointed out that the globalist idea that offers only one solution to a myriad of problems has never worked. Marxists, imperialists, globalists all base their worldview only on
economics, viewing mankind only as a universal economic product. They only believe in socially-engineered societies, which is why they fight against tradition and historic continuity. This small yet powerful segment of the population tries to rewrite history, topple statues and rename Christian holidays. They drive forward their radical gender dogma and celebrate political correctness as the highest virtue. When someone expresses a different opinion, they call it fake news. All of these efforts are directed against the concept of the nuclear family, opines Van Grieken.

Finally, he calls out to his fellow American and European conservatives, saying: “We are the antidote for globalism and multiculturalism. We are the antidote for the woke madness and the self-hate… We defend Christianity, traditional families, our culture, our heritage.”

However, he also warns that if we fail to protect what is important to us now, our children will be unable to do so in the future.

“Tradition and conservatism are not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire,” concluded Van Grieken.

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