Polish Catholic group invites foreign ambassadors to pro-life march after embassies display LGBT flags

The Rainbow Flag at the facade of the US General Consulate in Kraków, Poland. (source: Twitter@USConsKrakow)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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As foreign embassies in Warsaw flew rainbow LGBT flags on the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, a non-profit group, Catholic Action, pointed to the radical leftist nature of this action.

“We remember all too well in past years how communists tried to get us to celebrate their May 1 workers’ day. Now, the modern ‘proletarians’ promote other celebrations, but they still divide people between good and bad by accusing people of phobias,” says Dr. Artur Dąbrowski from the Catholic Action in Częstochowa in his interview for the Catholic Polish newspaper Nasz Dziennik.

“The ambassadors breached their competencies, and I am surprised the [Polish] Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not criticized them for it, especially as these [foreign] ambassadors never participate in pro-life events,” he underlined. 

Dąbrowski therefore says that as part of organizing pro-life events Catholic Action will be inviting ambassadors to participate in pro-life marches, saying they should show their respect to the millions that support the pro-life cause since they show so much support for the other side.  

“No one wants to be accused of phobias. I recall how in one of these demos they marched under a banner ‘Homophobia is a disease to be treated’ and this reminded me of the USSR where opponents of the regime were locked up in psychiatric hospitals,” he added.

Dąbrowski objected to foreign ambassadors flying flags other than those of their country or of Poland. He fears that this is just a small taste of how foreign nations operating in Poland will act in June during Gay Pride Week.  

Asked about whether ambassadors partaking in such actions were violating diplmatic norms, Dąbrowski argues that “an ambassador performing his function in a country must be apolitical; he should not interfere in the internal politics of the country and side with one side against another.”

He added that the rainbow flag serves to make a very political statement and is a tacit form of support for specific groups of people against others. He said he feels this is a clear case of these ambassadors taking the side of non-believers against believers

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