20,000 people flock to Christian Youth Meeting at Lake Lednica in Poland

Photo: Robert Woźniak/Twitter@prymasowska
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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More than 20,000 young people from across Poland and abroad participated in the 27th Nationwide Youth Meeting in Lednica over the weekend.

Many prayed and adored the Blessed Sacrament. At the end of the gathering, passed through the symbolic “Gate of the Fish” and set off across Poland.

According to organizers, the procession of thousands of young people through the “Gate of the Fish” symbolizes a conscious choice of Christ as their life’s guide. This year’s motto, “Following the Lamb,” signifies the commitment to walk with Him in daily life, extending beyond the first Saturday of June.

While music, singing, and dancing are regular highlights that draw crowds to Lake Lednica each year, prayer remains the essence of the gathering. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and, above all, the Eucharist facilitate a spiritual connection with God.

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, metropolitan of Poznań and chairman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, expressed the extraordinary nature of the event.

During his homily, Archbishop Grzegorz Ryś, the metropolitan of Łódź, conveyed the message to the young attendees that “God wants to lift us from sin.” He explained that the love of the Creator knows no bounds and extends to all without exception.

“Such is God, who reveals Himself in Jesus Christ, who loves us freely, first and unconditionally,” said the archbishop.

The Lednica meeting offers numerous opportunities for confession without the constraints of a confessional and provides a platform for dialogue not only with clergy but also with community moderators and psychologists.

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