Anti-Christian hate spree: Three crosses cut down in Poland’s Lubuskie province

Hatred towards Christians is taking increasingly radical forms, the Catholic publication Polonia Christiana warns

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Polonia Christiana

Christian symbols have been targeted in Poland in recent years, including an incident in Zielona Góra in October where a man shared footage of himself cutting down a cross. Now, another similar incident has occurred, raising alarm that it could be the start of a broader trend.

Although many condemned the incident in Zielona Góra, there were some who actually supported it, and that may have played a role in encouraging the newest case.

Sławomir Nitras’, a Civic Platform (PO) politician who called for the “filing off” of Catholic privilege, described the blasphemous footage of the man cutting down the cross in October as “fair punishment.”

Now, in the latest incident In the Lubuskie region, one suspect reportedly cut down three crosses with a chainsaw two of which had previously been erected by the roadside and another in a cemetery in the town of Koryta.

The cross which had been profaned in Zielona Góra was restored in late November, however this has clearly not deterred others.

Father Sławomir Marciniak:

This is impossible to put into words. At any time, such an act is something brutal, something opposed to civilization.

The Lubuskie incident was reported by Father Sławomir Marciniak, who admitted that he was not entirely able to comprehend what had happened.

“This is impossible to put into words,” he said. “At any time, such an act is something brutal, something opposed to civilization, because the cross is not only a religious symbol, but also one of the Polish rescue services and the Red Cross itself.”

Local police have identified a suspect, who may be a man well-known in the region, but for now at least, more details are yet to be revealed.

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