‘Beautiful Polish tradition’ – Prom dance video goes viral and charms viewers across the globe

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
2 Min Read

At the start of each year, Polish high school seniors face a flurry of activity, with their final exams looming and the “studniówka” — a traditional prom — offering a final moment of relaxation. The prom features the dance of the polonaise, which is a quintessential highlight.

The studniówka, which translates to “a hundred days” in Polish, marks the hundred days before final exams for students. This long-standing tradition enjoys immense popularity in Poland, with few students imagining approaching their final exams without participating in the “studniówka” and dancing the famous polonaise. With the advancement of technology, these events are often recorded and shared online, with some gaining significant attention.

This was the case with a “studniówka” ball from a high school in Piotrków Trybunalski. A unique recording from this event has been gaining increasing popularity online and has even begun making waves in the United States.

The video was initially shared online by the restaurant hosting the event, then transferred from TikTok to Platform X by an account active within the U.S. community.

Responses to the video are filled with admiration from international viewers:

“It’s beautiful.”

“Class, grace, dignity, while celebrating their culture through dance.”

“They seem much happier than us in the West. Traditionalism.”

“Beautiful Polish tradition and culture. Preserve it!”

The traditional dance performed by 40 pairs lasted over 17 minutes. After the polonaise, the students invited the teachers onto the dance floor to dance a waltz. The official part ended with a joint toast with a glass of champagne. Later, until the early hours of the morning, over 300 people had fun, with seniors from five graduating classes, their companions, teachers, and invited guests all participating.

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