Brainwashing is not confined to Russia, it’s prevalent in the West too

A globe displayed in front of the London School of Economics in London, Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2021. The globe designed by Mark Wallinger is called 'The World turned Upside Down'. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Many have been surprised at the ease with which the lies from official propaganda have captured the minds of modern Russians; how uncritically they have accepted that the country’s invasion of Ukraine is an operation for peace and Russian security; and how Putin’s brutal dictatorship is democratically chosen whereas the rest of the world is composed of Nazis and puppet regimes dancing to the tune of American imperialism. 

All that was needed was to recall some old messages from Soviet times.

The problem is that manipulation leading to brainwashing is alive and kicking in the West too. How else can we explain the climate created for the tyranny of political correctness? What can be said about the state of mind of people in Western Europe if, according to polls, the most important issues of the modern world are topped by the greenhouse effect, the protection of minority rights and the promotion of gender?

It has become very hard to watch films on Netflix for all the political correctness with Whites and heterosexuals presented as baddies and in which Black, disabled or gay people are always heroes — the newer the production, the greater pressure of political correctness in it. The roles of villains are reserved for the few Whites and heterosexuals.

It is hard to tell if this is what the viewers want as it is all they are getting.

It reminds one of Stalinist times when people kept quiet despite disagreeing, with those daring to disagree feeling like an odd man out in a sea of support for the regime. 

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