EU wants to take control of Poland’s land, forests and water

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Those who hoped that the European Union only had an appetite for gaining influence over Poland’s judiciary, migration and climate policies, couldn’t have been more wrong. Brussels also wants to control Polish land, forests and water. 

Last week, the European Parliament narrowly passed the EU’s Nature Restoration Law. According to the legislation, member states will be obliged to re-cultivate at least 20 percent of their land and maritime territory by 2030 in order to rebuild ecosystems and biodiversity to combat climate change.

However, work is underway in the European Parliament to remove the principle of unanimity in 60 policy areas including biodiversity, forestry, and climate and energy policies. And now, the EU also wants to take over governance of land and water. The objective is clear: Member states are to lose control of their territories and powers are to be sucked in by Brussels. 

Taking over land, forests and water means Poland would lose control of its own territory. The country still has rich reserves of wildlife with extraordinary biodiversity. In the West, this was forsaken for growth. Poland is now to be held back in its development and act as an open-air museum for nature that does not exist in the West. 

Poland does not need to re-cultivate its lands, but that would not stop the EU institutions from taking control and exploiting Poland’s natural potential for their own ends. Poland has accepted the limitations placed upon it by the Natura 2000 program, where 20 percent of its territory is covered by the scheme.

However, Poland has retained full control of its forested land and this is not to the liking of either dogmatic environmentalists or EU institutions. The ridiculous attack on Poland’s logging of its Białowieża forest led to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) taking action against Poland.

But that was never going to be enough. They want total control over Poland’s natural environment. 

Some in Poland want to fight EU regulations in the ECJ, but the chances that the top EU court, which is being weaponized against Poland, would be able to hold back the EU tide are virtually nil.

Poland has to resist the treaty changes being cooked up by the European Parliament if it is to avoid yet another partition in its history.

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