Conservatives in Poland and Hungary are the last men standing in defiance of Brussels’ attack on sovereignty

The conservatives' (PiS) leader is a seasoned campaigner who has seen many ups and downs.
By Grzegorz Adamczyk
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Jarosław Kaczyński’s speech in Kraków at the weekend marked an important milestone in the history of the patriotic camp as it identified the key priority of defending Poland from the treaty changes being cooked up in Brussels.

If adopted, the treaty changes would make it impossible for any Polish government to have effective control of the country, making it even less sovereign than it was under the communist governments beholden to the USSR. 

The PiS leader sketched out the first moves of a resistance which included a congress of all patriots who acknowledge the danger, and a campaign to explain the dangers that these EU proposals imply for Poland. 

Sovereignty is important in itself, but Jarosław Kaczyński in his speech explained why this German-led assault has an economic dimension, as it enables Berlin, with the use of its Brussels proxy, to impose a regulatory environment that will make it impossible for Poland to attain economic parity with Western Europe. 

PiS in Poland and Fidesz in Hungary are the only political movements in Europe capable of blocking the treaty changes proposed. Other countries are too economically dependent on Berlin and Brussels or too compliant to fight these changes.

This is why PiS today is something much more than a political party. It is a guarantor of Polish sovereignty. It’s important that all conservatives and patriots realize this and that any attempts to undermine it will lead to Poland’s demise. 

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