Czechs go on a shopping spree in Poland

Beer is the only popular product that is cheaper in Czechia than in Poland

editor: Grzegorz Adamczyk
author: Piotr Górecki/PAP

Czechs have been made aware that Poland has the cheapest prices among neighboring countries due to an article on the Czech online portal Seznam Zpravy. The Czech news website compared prices of basic products in Polish stores bordering Czechia.

Reporters from the portal went to the Polish town of Bogatynia and wrote that “half of the cars parked in front of the supermarket have Czech license plates. The distinguishing feature of Czech shoppers is also a full shopping cart.”

The portal compared the cost of a basket with basic food and drugstore products from the same chain of stores in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Slovakia. Prices have risen in all neighboring countries; however, Poland still has the lowest prices, while Slovakia and Czechia have the highest.

Shopping in a Polish supermarket is more than one-fifth cheaper for Czechs. The biggest differences in prices were noted for dairy products, bread and meat. The only popular product that was cheaper in Czechia than in Poland was beer.

Higher food prices in Czechia are primarily due to high energy prices, which translate into higher production costs. Also, Czechia still has a 15 percent VAT on food products. In Poland, there is zero VAT on these products.

Many Czechs discuss prices and share information on shopping in Poland on social networks. They also share photos of receipts after shopping in Polish supermarkets or pose with full shopping carts. There is no shortage of opinions on individual products or affordable Polish restaurants near the Czech border.

The portal Seznam Zpravy also draws attention to the popularity of Facebook groups related to shopping in Poland. Since November, over 20,000 people have joined these groups.

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