Don’t be fooled: A United States of Europe would be disastrous for Poland

By Grzegorz Adamczyk
3 Min Read

Trying to downplay the bold calls for a European superstate is a sign of naivety. Votes in the European Parliament (EP) have consequences, as Poland can verify when its local governments had their grants blocked for signing pro-family charters just because the Eurocrats deemed this as discrimination against LGBT people.

Today, we also have “just a resolution” calling for changes in the treaties. But if such changes are adopted, they will mean the end of the independence of member states, with them being reduced to the role of local governments. To call that federalization is fraudulent, as members of a federation such as the United States have far more powers than are envisaged for the EU member states in the new plans for treaty changes. 

Bartosz Węglarczyk, the editor of the German-Swiss-owned portal, has now declared that a United States of Europe is a “necessity” and in Poland’s interests and security, as further economic integration is good for Poland. 

In reality, the changes to the treaties that are being proposed would force Poland into the eurozone, which has proven to be a big problem not only for southern Europe but also for countries such as Slovakia, whose citizens now shop in Poland to take advantage of lower prices.

The problem with the European superstate is that it is bound to be dominated by Germany and France — both of which are still eying cooperation with Russia and see Poland as something marginal.

It was highly symbolic that the resolution calling for treaty changes in the EU was passed on Oct. 25, the anniversary of the abdication of Poland’s last monarch, which was the consequence of the third partition in 1795

Poland needs to learn the lessons that led to the partitions fast. The partitions led to foreign domination, and that is precisely what the proposal for treaty changes in the EU would lead to.

Unfortunately, it’s not hard to predict what Donald Tusk will do with this issue. Instead of voicing strong opposition, he’ll swim with the mainstream tide. A pity for Poland. 

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